Massachusetts leads US states in energy efficiency


This is according to the results compiled from a report filed by utilities and energy efficiency solutions providers in Massachusetts with the Department of Public Utilities for the years 2013-2015.

According to the report, customers in the state have saved 3.9 million annual megawatt-hours of electricity through the implementation of electricity efficiency programmes within the three-year period.

Savings in gas amounted to 78.7 million annual therms of natural gas.

According to a press statement, the development has ranked the state as number one on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

Energy efficiency programmes carried out in the state have resulted in $9.3 billion in economic benefits to consumers in the state of Massachusetts.

For every dollar spent invested there was a $4.69 return on investment. More importantly, the energy efficiency initiatives are reported to have lowered the state’s carbon emissions 2.2 million tonnes of carbon emissions equivalent to removing 423, 961 cars on the road.

Terry Sobolewski, chief customer officer at National Grid, commented: “We applaud our customers for embracing these opportunities to improve their energy productivity and make their homes and businesses more affordable and comfortable. [National Grid selects Itron for infrastructure upgrade].

[quote] Penni Conner, senior vice president at Eversource, added: “It’s extremely gratifying to see that programs developed through the successful collaboration of program administrators and state officials are helping our customers and our environment in such a significant way.”

Energy efficiency approval

The news follows early February’s approval of energy efficiency plans for 10 utilities by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

The approved efficiency projects were projected to save consumers $3.6 billion over the next two years.

The department’s plan included the state’s largest utility, National Grid, invest nearly $850 million in electric energy efficiency and more than $382 million in natural gas efficiency.

In total, the energy efficiency plans which is aimed at identifying more and better ways to help consumers save on their energy costs, will generate $8 billion in savings and benefits. [National Grid uses forecasting tech to boost efficiency]

According to Marcy Reed, president of National Grid in Massachusetts, “The DPU challenged National Grid and the state’s other utility companies to find more and better ways to help our customers save on their energy costs, while providing greater opportunities for them to help improve our environment.

“We believe the programs will further solidify the state’s standing as the most energy efficient in the country and will help customers save on their energy bills while making their homes more comfortable and their businesses more profitable.”


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