ComEd launches efficiency pilot for Chicago building owners


EDF is an organisation responsible for the protection of the US environment through encouraging the development and adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The Accelerate Group is an ICT advisory & consulting firm. According to Energy Collective, the launched Smart Building Operations pilot programme aims to help operators of buildings to optimise the energy efficiency of building appliances through access to real-time energy consumption data, which consumers can use to better manage their energy usage.

The energy efficiency pilot programme is being implemented in 10 large buildings in Chicago. Under the pilot, consumers will receive alerts regarding their half hour, daily and monthly set energy efficiency targets. Participating buildings will receive $5,000 up-front and an additional of $0,05 in incentives per kilowatt hour saved.

The pilot aims to gather data which will be used to develop standards to help buildings already equipped with energy efficient appliances and technologies to increase energy efficiency savings.

Through deploying energy efficient appliances in buildings, Chicago has to date saved up to $17 million and been ranked the leading city with the highest number of buildings which, adopted the LEED certification (green building rating standard).

Energy technologies

The pilot will employ technologies including smart meters, sub-metering, analytics and energy management solutions.

By increasing consumer energy efficiency, ComEd says it will be able to stabilise its energy network and meet consumer energy demands at the same time reducing operational expenses by not investing new energy generation infrastructure to meet the demand.

The utility says an increase in energy savings will help reduce carbon emissions and the utility meeting state and national environmental policies. The energy provider claims it has helped consumers save over $2.5 billion through energy efficiency programmes.

The World Resources Center forecasts building energy efficiency to cut building’s carbon footprint by 83% through 2050.

Energy efficiency pilot programme

The news follows ComEd partnering with energy technology intelligence firm Whisker Labs to improve consumer energy efficiency. In early August, the utility commissioned the implementation of Whisker Labs’ Connected Service in residential consumer energy efficiency pilot. Read more…


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