Singapore increases funding for energy efficiency projects


The country’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) increased its co-funding for energy efficiency programmes for small and medium business consumers.

According to the Business Times, NEA will provide 30% of a programme’s total costs to small and medium business consumers wanting to deploy energy efficiency projects.

Previously, NEA provided 20% of a programme’s total costs.

Benefits of energy efficiency programmes

The increase in energy efficiency funding for industrial customers falls under efforts to help consumers to lower their energy usage and bills.

The development is expected to help the industrial sector to reduce its carbon footprint from 60% of the country’s total carbon emissions.

Energy efficiency programmes are expected to help utility firms to reduce their operational expenses by avoiding investing in new generation infrastructure.

The energy efficiency projects are expected to help Singapore to reduce its gas emissions from 36% from 2005 levels by 2030 as well as meet recommendations set under the Paris Climate Agreement. [Singapore conducting studies for large-scale smart meter rollout].

The increase in energy efficiency funding will help Singapore to reduce its gas emissions by 36% from 2005 levels by 2030.

Meanwhile, in the US state of New York, the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities is reported to be saving $1.35 million in consumer energy bills due to the deployment of energy conservation measures per annum.

The electric utility company has six energy efficiency programmes under implementation since 2009.

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities has spent over $3.5 million towards energy efficiency programmes resulting in a decrease in electricity consumption by 16 million kilowatts. Electricity demand has been reduced by 3.6MW and energy sales lowered by 1%.

The utility’s energy sales to industrial consumers decreased by 7% whilst for commercial and residential consumers, energy sales are down by 5% and 2% respectively, reported the Post-Journal.

Under its energy efficiency programmes, the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities provides its customers with rebates for installation of energy efficient lighting, HVAC, insulation and weatherisation systems.


Image credit:  EBRD