Utah adopts new resource efficiency codes


Through the C-PACE programme, the state government provides commercial consumers with funding to implement renewable energy, water and energy efficiency upgrades in buildings and facilities.

The C-PACE programme was first introduced in March 2013 under Senate Bill 221.

The programme has been relaunched under Senate Bill 273 comprising mandates for state governments to adapt to the latest water and energy efficiency standards to help commercial and industrial consumers improve their efficiency and keep bills low.

The Utah Office of Energy Department (OED) selected Sustainable Real Estate Solutions as the administrator of the new programme.

Under the relaunched programme, the Utah state government will establish a statewide C-PACE District which will implement assessments in buildings of consumers wanting to participate in the project.

The new programme will also increase the number of projects participating as well as the efficiency targets compared to the previous initiative.

Financing will be sourced from the private sector. Consumers participating in the programme will repay the water and energy efficiency upgrades over a period of 30 years by having the cost deducted from their monthly property tax bill.

Laura Nelson, an executive director of OED, commented: “We are pleased that Utah will continue to realize the economic benefits of C-PACE through new investment and job opportunities, energy savings, and improved air quality

Brian McCarter, CEO of SRS, added: “Now that the state’s legislation has been right-structured to meet C-PACE program best practices, Utah’s second-generation program, like other successful programs nationwide, will enjoy a robust pipeline of projects. This means more valuable building stock and more local jobs—all benefits that will come about without taxpayer dollars.”

Energy efficiency upgrades in the US

Meanwhile, in the US state of Illinois, utility ComEd partnered with energy technology intelligence firm Whisker Labs to improve consumer energy efficiency.

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Image Credit: 123rf.