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US energy company Avista Utilities has created a rebate programme for residential customers that have bought a new smart thermostat as part of a drive to improve energy efficiency.

The Washington-based generator and distributor of electricity and natural gas will give customers with a US$50 rebate for self-installed thermostats and US$100 back for contractor-fitted devices.

Eligibility for rebate

Under the conditions of the offer, Washington state Avista customers must use electricity or natural gas for heating, while Idaho customers must use electricity for heating.

At least 4,000 kilowatt-hours of space heat must have been used during the previous heating season. Natural gas heated homes must have used at least 160 therms of heat during the previous heating season.
Customers homes must also have Wi-Fi to enable the smart thermostat.
Commenting on the reasons for starting the programme, Chris Drake, manager of energy efficiency programmes at Avista, said: “Many people are looking for ways to spend their energy dollars as wisely as possible.
“Purchasing and installing a smart thermostat is a simple step that usually makes people more aware of their energy usage.
He added: “Providing a rebate for smart thermostats is one way Avista can encourage our customers to be energy efficient.”