India saves 39,000 kWh through energy efficiency scheme


EESL deployed energy efficient appliances including some 100,000 LED bulbs, some 15,000 20W LED tube lights and 5,000 energy efficient fans under the Ujala scheme.

Launched in March by the Indian Ministry of Power, the Ujala scheme is designed to help more than 200,000 residential consumers in Chandigarh reduce their energy usage and costs.

According to Sarabh Kumar, managing director of EESL, the Indian government is using the Ujala scheme to make Chandigarh a 100% energy efficient city.

Through the scheme, consumers are provided with energy efficient appliances at a discounted price.

“The people of Chandigarh have demonstrated their progressive attitude by making energy efficiency an essential part of their lifestyle,” reiterated Kumar. [India to invest ADB loan in energy conservation programmes].

Energy efficient appliances

Meanwhile, in Canada, the provincial government of Alberta said it will provide residential consumers with rebates for installation of energy efficient insulation and tankless hot water heaters.

The government said it will provide consumers with rebates of up to US$2,599 for the installation of energy efficiency appliances.

The installation will be done by contractors registered within the state’s new energy conservation initiative Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential Retail Products Programme.

Under the new programme, the Alberta provincial government has set aside US$17.8 million.

In the last quarter of 2016, the provincial government of Alberta launched three new energy efficiency programmes to improve grid stability and help reduce the state’s carbon emissions.

The projects were launched under the province’s energy conservation initiative, Energy Efficiency Alberta.

The new energy efficiency programmes namely ‘Direct Install’, ‘Residential Consumer Products’ and the ‘Business Rebate’ are expected to reduce energy costs in Alberta by $5 billion by 2021.

The energy efficiency programmes are expected to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road. Read more…


Image credit: 123rf