EIP invests in EV infrastructure and energy management firm


Energy Impact Partners is an investment firm established to increase research and development of innovative energy technologies and business cases by providing programmes with funding. Energy Impact Partners members include Xcel Energy, National Grid, Avista and Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Greenlots is an energy management solutions developer and provides utilities with its cloud-based technology to help them meet energy demands. The company is aiming to increase the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to pave a way to an increase in adoption of EVs.

According to a statement, the investment is Energy Impact Partners’ first in the e-mobility segment.

Hans Kobler, CEO at Energy Impact Partners, commented: “Bringing utilities, car companies and other key stakeholders together is critical for a smart, efficient and secure roll-out of electric vehicles.

“Greenlots’ industry-leading open and truly interoperable platform, sector expertise and proven experience provide an ideal basis for making that happen.”

In addition to the funding, Energy Impact Partners has provided Greenlots with two of its executives Kevin Fitzgerald who is Chief Utility Officer at Energy Impact Partners and Phillip Jones, a former commissioner on the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.

The two executives will join the board of directors managing Greenlots. Their presence in Greenlots is expected to help the company to simplify secure integration of electric vehicles with grid networks at the same time lining up with regulatory mandates.

Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots, added: “Utilities are in the best position to predict, manage, and balance electricity demand as electric vehicle adoption increases.

“With the support of our board and strategic investors, Greenlots is delivering on the promise of an electric mobility future.”

Cybersecurity and EV infrastructure development

Meanwhile, the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) and ElaadNL have signed a MoU under which the two partners will work together to protect EV smart charging infrastructure.

ENCS and ElaadNL will work together to protect electric vehicle (EV) smart charging infrastructure from cyber security threats by developing effective security measures and regulation, industry-leading cyber security practices and common standards for EV charging. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.