Smappee app HEMS US launch

Smappee-HEMS kitEuropean energy solutions company Smappee has launched a home energy management system in the US last week in a bid to tap into the growing monitoring market. 

Smappee’s energy management tool is aimed at any energy consumer looking to monitor their electricity consumption, control appliances remotely as well as measure the productivity of solar panels and improve home security, the company said in a statement.

The system works by gathering real-time energy data through a clip-on sensor attached to a user’s main power line.

Using a mobile device application, Smappee can then present data to consumers about how much energy and money various appliances and devices consume.

The system includes a wireless Comfort Plug, which syncs with the app to allow consumers to turn appliances and devices on or off remotely.

Personalized settings

Smappee has built functionality into the mobile app – available for both Android and iOS devices – that allows users to set customized commands to instruct devices about how to interact with one another.

For example, users could set their coffee maker to start heating up 10 minutes before an alarm goes off, or they could turn on a slow cooker at the same time each day.

Extra benefits of HEMS

Makers of home energy management systems are increasingly bundling value-add services into their products.

In addition to devices and appliances, Smappee is also able to measure the productivity of solar panels, so consumers can monitor the total amount of renewable energy that is generated and consumed.

The sensor can also detect when an electric vehicle is plugged in, to give drivers a clear picture of how much it costs to charge.

Smappee can be used as a security device with electricity being used as a signal that someone has arrived home safely or intruders have gained access.

Commenting on the company’s expansion into a  new market, Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder, said: “Smappee’s expansion into the US represents a key step forward in our mission to drive sustainable behavior change.

“Our product is designed to make energy intelligence more accessible, by helping everyday users manage their consumption in a smarter way. We believe that Smappee’s data is more accurate, more granular and more actionable than any alternative on the market.”

Headquartered in Belgium, Smappee has priced its system at US$249 or US$349 with a solar panel monitoring option.