New York signs energy management deal for commercial buildings


In a combined statement, NYSERDA said it will use Noveda Technology’s solution in its Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) programme.

The RTEM is designed to help owners of commercial buildings in New York to lower their energy usage and costs through the use of advanced technologies.

The authority will provide $30 million for the implementation of the project aiming to help owners of the office buildings, universities, hospitals and retail stores to cut energy, operations and management costs by 5% to 25%.

[quote] Under the project, Noveda will provide its hardware including sensors and smart meters as well as its software technology to help building operators to analyse, manage and control their power usage in real time. [New York state utilities include meter pilots as part of Reforming the Energy Vision].

The New Jersey-based firm will also provide its consulting services in the form of energy efficiency recommendations.

The programme will run for five years and its participants will include customers of utility companies based in New York state and registered under the RTEM.

Energy management in the US

In related news, US power utility ComEd launched its new energy efficiency programme to help customers to improve their energy management, reduce usage and costs.

ComEd is utilising Green Button Download My App to help  customers with smart meters to download, authorise and share their energy consumption data with registered third party energy efficiency solution providers for provision of measures to streamline energy management.

The launch of the project allowed consumers to use a variety of energy efficiency software and smartphone apps. [Energy management leads smart grid IT systems market].

David Kolata, director of the Citizens Utility Board-a utility consumers representative board, said: “This is about empowering Illinois consumers to obtain the intelligence they need to maximise the benefits of the smart grid.

“Green Button Connect will help catapult Illinois to the national forefront of providing valuable data on electricity usage directly to consumers, and we’re hopeful this sparks entrepreneurs to develop services and apps that help lower our energy bills,” added Kolata.


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