BC Hydro pilots energy management platform for AMI customers


Under the partnership, BC Hydro is piloting Powerley’s home energy management platform Energy Bridge in helping customers improve the energy efficiency of their smart home devices.

The home energy management solution will be integrated with BC Hydro’s customer experience application HydroHome to allow consumers to manage their energy and smart home devices in real time using mobile devices.

The Energy Bridge platform will enable consumers to view the energy consumption patterns of each device connected to the system.

“In addition, the Energy Bridge acts as a smart home hub, allowing for the control and automation of smart devices, including: thermostats, power outlets, light switches, and sensors,” according to a statement.

Powerley claims its solution enables utility firms to improve management of grid networks to stabilise energy systems during peak demand periods through the development of advanced demand response initiatives.

The technology is said to have the ability to help energy providers improve their business models and customer services through analytics.

Tim Mosley, the senior programme manager at BC Hydro, commented: “We are accelerating innovation and engaging our customers in a new relationship with energy.

“Through our work with Powerley, BC Hydro is elevating customer engagement, driving energy efficiencies and creating a completely new connected home experience.”

BC Hydro provides services to some 1.9 million consumers in British Columbia, Canada.

Powerley’s energy management platform

Meanwhile, in the US, AEP Ohio selected Powerley to help its residential customers improve their energy efficiency.

AEP Ohio is providing its 1.5 million residential customers with Powerley’s home energy management solution to enable them to control the energy consumption of home appliances in real-time.

The home energy management solution includes hardware (smart thermostat, bulbs, switches and sensors) and mobile application ‘It’s Your Power’.

Residential customers of AEP Ohio can access It’s Your Power via Google Play or the Apple App Store to be able to remotely control their smart home appliances including HVAC systems. Read more…