Energy management system uses ZigBee Smart Energy system


Boulder, CO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 23, 2008 – Energy technology provider Tendril has released the beta version of the Tendril Energy Management System (EMS), the first open, standards-based software and hardware system that is compatible with all ZigBee Smart Energy certified hardware products. The system enables an important dialogue between consumers and their energy providers, allowing them to manage the consumption and supply of energy in smarter, more efficient ways.

The Tendril EMS is a turnkey system that allows utilities and energy providers to implement robust demand-response systems, direct load control and consumer communication in their service areas, while also meeting consumer needs for straight-out-of-the-box simplicity, usability and affordability. Tendril’s EMS is also compatible with most enterprise-class open, standards-based integration methods.

The Tendril EMS includes an enterprise wireless network operating platform that utilizes the open, interoperable ZigBee Smart Energy Profile; consumer end devices such as smart thermostats, smart in-home displays and smart outlets; an IP-to-ZigBee Gateway; a suite of network management tools for ZigBee network monitoring and diagnostics; a consumer energy management portal; a utility back-office integration portal; and other infrastructure components to provide a secure and reliable connection into the Home Area Network (HAN).

Tendril EMS is also built with the utility industry’s own OpenHAN product requirements in mind. The system’s open architecture can extend and scale to support millions of networks from a single network operations center (NOC). Tendril EMS supports common standards such as JMS and integrates seamlessly with existing back office enterprise systems, including meter data management systems (MDMS) and billing systems as well as load monitoring and security applications. And with its device-agnostic approach, energy companies and their customers can easily expand to other types of trusted wireless devices as market requirements dictate.

“All across the country energy companies are deploying smart metering technologies or adding smart grid capabilities to their existing drive-by AMR deployments, and that will open up a new world of opportunity to communicate with customers and collaborate with them to use energy more efficiently,” said Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril. “The Tendril EMS is a critical technology for those deployments because it provides an integrated, open and interoperable software-hardware solution that enables utilities to get to market faster with the features and usability that will make these programs affordable winners with consumers. We are excited to have our first in-home deployments underway with a major energy company, and we look forward to executing more deployments in the field with other leading utility companies in the coming months.”