US county gets NACO recognition for energy management system


To enhance its utility monitoring and payment processing system, the US County partnered with EnergyCAP and integrated in its system, the firm’s utility bill tracking solution.

In a press statement, the County said the EnergyCAP solution has provided an effective, automatic and central planning and management of energy use in more than 1,500 facilities.

The solution remotely processes over $100 million in electricity bills and 2.1 million audits annually, a development which the County claims has enhanced efficiency and lowered the its power expenses countywide.

[quote] Since its deployment in 2012, the County’s Utility Billing Management programme under which the technology was deployed, is reported to have avoided over 160,000 paper bills being created and handled. This resulted in a saving of up to $1.1 million in labor and material costs.

In addition to simplify the billing processing, the system has also improved the county’s record filling and lowered redundant and human error in processing and management of the electricity bill payments to the Florida Power and Light company.

The system is also portable for the County to add in to automatic data management of other utilities including water and gas to meet future and sustainable goals.

The solution will also help the County to improve its energy efficiency through the implementation of well planned energy management projects, as it has provided the County with energy usage data of some 167 buildings, to submit to the ENERGY STAR-a national ranking for buildings certifications.

The NACO Achievement Award recognises innovative programmes that promote government efficiency by improving the administration of existing county government programmes to improve customer services to county residents.

Energy management in Tennessee

In late May, the US state of Tennessee partnered with EnergyCAP to also reduce power consumption and costs in state-owned facilities.

Under the three-year contract, the solutions provider will supply the state with a utility bill management software, Bill CAPture, to track the state’s water, gas, electricity, waste water, fuel oil and propane consumption costs since 2012.

Integrated with the state’s various accounts systems, the software will be used to develop a dashboard with multiple log-in users functionality for the management of over 7,000 utility bills. [US state signs EnergyCAP to enhance energy management].


Image credit: EnergyCAP