Energy programme will help prevent power outages


Comverge Inc. has announced the roll-out of CoolSentry™, a free service offered to businesses and residents in its immediate area of operation. Participation in the programme reduces electricity consumption during peak demand periods through remote conservation cycling of central AC units.

CoolSentry is Comverge’s new consumer brand for its load control programmes – over 5 million Comverge load control devices are deployed in utility-based programmes throughout the US. When supply problems are expected the regional power system operator alerts Comverge, and the company sends paging signals to small outdoor CoolSentry devices connected to central AC compressors, instructing them to cycle off.

Participants are offered a choice of enrolment bonuses – either an annual ‘thank-you’ present of $20, or a CoolSentry Green Tag certificate, which is a guaranteed purchase of clean renewable energy.