57% of utility customers prefer renewable energy resources


More than half (57%) of utility customers prefer renewable energy and natural gas sources, and customers now show more support for utility investments in expanding environmentally friendly energy resources than for reliability or customer service improvements.

As per the 2018 Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement: Residential, a Cogent Reports study by Market Strategies International, demand for programmes to help consumers manage their energy use and reduce their own environmental footprint has seen a steady increase over the past four years.

Many utilities across the nation have recognised this trend and are benefiting from the consumption and carbon footprint management offerings they have implemented.

Utilities honoured for Earth Day

In honour of Earth Day (April 22), Market Strategies is awarding the 2018 Environmental Champion designation to 43 utilities.

As a group, these 43 utilities have improved their Environmental Dedication performance score by an average of eight points this year while the score for all other utilities declined by an average of ten points.

Chris Oberle, senior vice president at Market Strategies International, said: “It is important to pay attention to your environmental reputation, as it is now a permanent part of the utility business model.”

To become an Environmental Champion, a utility needs to show customers its dedication to supporting the environment by promoting clean energy, enabling consumption management, facilitating environmental causes, encouraging environmentally friendly fleets and buildings, and consistently seeking ways to protect the environment.

The utility industry’s Environmental Dedication score now stands at 672 (on a 1,000-point scale).

Some of the utilities named 2018 Environmental champions include Portland General Electric, BGE, Seattle City Light, Con Edison, SoCalGas and CPS Energy.

* Environmental Champions were selected based on achieving a top-quartile industry or top-two benchmark segment score, or being within 20 points of the top benchmark score and above industry average for Environmental Dedication.