Energy retailer Green Mountain partners with smart sprinkler supplier
Rachio Ire’s smart sprinkler uses a sensor to adjust watering to real-time conditions

In the US, Texas renewable energy retailer Green Mountain has extended its customer service offering to include a water conservation program.

Green Mountain has partnered with sustainability company Rachio to launch the Pollution Free WaterSaver 24 electricity plan.

Customers who sign up to the program will receive a Rachio Ire smart sprinkler controller that connects to a monitoring platform through the user’s home WiFi network.

The sensor automatically adjusts to provide the right amount of water, which Rachio claims can reduce the volume used by lawn sprinkler system by 30%.

Green Mountain customers can control the sprinkler system using mobile devices.

Commenting on the partnership with Green Mountain, Brian Ewing, vice president of sales at Rachio, said: “Our relationship with Green Mountain encourages customers to think differently not just about their electricity choice, but about water consumption.

“Lawn maintenance isn’t easy, especially in a drought-stricken state like Texas, and we think that Green Mountain customers who are already inclined to do more for the environment will appreciate how Rachio interacts with their yard and makes their water usage more seamless and smarter.”

Renewable energy management

The initiative is the latest energy management program from the energy retailer founded in 1997, which operates under the mission statement “change the way power is made”.

In 2014, Green Mountain became the only electricity retailer in Texas to offer customers a water conservation kit as part of an electricity plan. The Pollution Free WaterSaver 12 plan includes a Water Eco-Kit with water-saving products like faucet aerators and high-efficiency shower heads.

The company also offers Pollution Free Efficient with Nest – a plan that helps Texas residential customers better control their energy usage with 100% wind energy and a free Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Pollution Free Electric Vehicle plan offers preferential rates on 100% wind energy for electric vehicle drivers, and the Renewable Rewards buy-back program provides bill credits for 100% of Texas customers’ home solar or wind systems’ outflow to the electric grid.