Energy saving vital as temperatures in New York rise


Chelle Izzi,
General Manager
New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 12, 2007 – Summer temperatures in New York have been unusually high, and utility Consolidated Edison has appointed several energy management companies to implement energy-saving measures in the city. One of these is ConsumerPowerline, a full-service strategic energy asset management firm, which will be working to reduce the demand caused by Con Ed’s nine million customers switching on fans and air conditioners. The others are Quality Conservation Services of New York, Public Energy Solutions and Free Lighting Corp.

The program will focus on reducing demand by introducing energy saving upgrades in many of the city’s buildings, such as replacing incandescent lights with lower wattage CFLs; replacing electric air conditioning units with higher efficiency units; and installing distributed generation with back up as required under Con Ed guidelines. The goal is to save at least 20 MW of power during times of peak demand.

Con Edison anticipates that the peak demand for energy by its customers will rise 14 percent in the next ten years. To meet the energy demands spurred by this growth, the utility will invest approximately $6 billion in its electric, gas, and steam systems over the next three years. It has paid ConsumerPowerline somewhere in the region of $14 million for the new program, which it believes will be worthwhile to avoid the need to dig up the streets and put in more copper cabling. The program is intended to reduce loads permanently, as opposed to minimizing demand during peak hours.

Earlier this year ConsumerPowerline signed a contract with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the implementation of a three-year program that uses a reduction in consumption to improve grid reliability during times of peak demand.