Energy savings performance contract to save Texas city $4m in annual operational costs

In the US state of Texas, the city of Raymondville signed an energy savings performance contract with Schneider Electric.

Under the energy savings performance contract, Schneider Electric will upgrade the city’s water distribution infrastructure for free using its own resources.

According to a local publication, Schneider Electric will upgrade the city’s water distribution network with an advanced metering infrastructure.

The project will start in September through to December 2017 and will include the installation of some 2,791 smart water meters to help the city improve its revenue collection by accurately billing its customers.

The smart water meters will enable Raymondville city to reduce operational costs associated with manual meter readings, human error encountered in reading of water meters and to reduce non-revenue water through quick detection of water leaks and meter tampering.

The programme will provide consumers with access to their daily water usage data via an online portal. Through the provision of water consumption data, consumers are able to identify water efficiency potentials.

The project is expected to generate up to $4 million in water efficiency savings during the life span of the advanced metering infrastructure. The savings will be used to repay the implementation of water distribution infrastructure upgrade programme and for deployment of other projects.

Eleazar Garcia, a manager at Raymondville city, commented: “The City of Raymondville pursued the project as part of a long-term economic growth and sustainability plan.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve infrastructure and operational efficiency to provide the best value for our residents while preparing for future growth.”

Lizzy Putegnat, account executive at Schneider Electric, added: “Maintaining public works without placing an additional tax burden on residents is a common issue faced by many cities around the country.”

Energy savings performance contract

In late April, Schneider Electric secured two energy savings performance contracts with the US cities of Maryville and Shelbina in Missouri to help consumers improve their water, gas and energy efficiency.

In a press statement, Schneider Electric claims that the contracts will help the cities’ utility departments improve their revenue collections and services. Read more…


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