Energy Services Pensacola chooses AMI system for gas meters


Pensacola, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 6, 2007 – Energy Services Pensacola (ESP), a natural gas supplier, has selected Sensus Metering Systems’ FlexNet system for an advanced metering deployment covering 50,000 gas meters. The existing gas meters will be retrofitted with Sensus FlexNet transmitters, and this radio frequency device will send meter information to a tower gateway base station (TGB). The TGB will collect all usage data and forward to a regional network interface at ESP. The data is then available immediately to use for billing, customer service and other systems at the utility.

FlexNet is a fixed network AMI system designed to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and enhance customer service. It offers the gas utility hourly or daily reporting options, eliminates bad reads, estimated reads and curbside reads. FlexNet provides move-in/move-out reads, is applicable for commercial and industrial meters as well as residential, and provides a 20-year battery life. Other benefits ESP can expect include automated reporting of indoor meters, support for gas demand-side rationing programs and delivery of information that can reduce gas theft.

In addition, the FlexNet system is designed to be scalable to accommodate growth as a utility expands the meter deployments throughout its service territory. Because the FlexNet system is a tower-based AMI network, reliance on additional infrastructure such as numerous collection points is avoided. The system has a simple, single-tier design – from meter to tower – substantially reducing infrastructure cost.

“The FlexNet system was chosen because of its advanced functionality and the ease of integration into the utility’s existing meters,” said Tim Harriger, director of Sensus Energy Sales. “This will be one of the first large scale FlexNet gas installations in the US.”