Canadian inverter maker Eguana Technologies has announced it will work more closely with Sonnenbatterie to distribute the German storage manufacturer’s systems in the US residential market in addition to European applications.

Under a new supply agreement, Eguana will manufacture for Sonnenbatterie a fully integrated electronics enclosure that meets smart grid standards for all the leading residential energy storage markets.

In addition to the Bi-Direx power inverter, Eguana will integrate additional functionality that is currently sourced by Sonnenbatterie from outside suppliers to enable a less complex, highly scalable platform that can be easily assembled close to local demand.

The agreement will also amend the supply and license agreements to include US residential applications, in addition to European markets currently served by Sonnenbatterie.

Eguana has already shipped more than 1,000 Bi-Direx units to Sonnenbatterie since entering into the first supply agreement in May, 2013.