Energy storage: UET commissions largest capacity flow battery in US and Europe

The global energy storage device market is expected to be worth nearly US$30bn in revenue by 2020
The global energy storage device market is expected to be worth nearly US$30bn in revenue by 2020

In the US, energy storage solutions provider UniEnergy Technologies has announced the commissioning of a 1MW energy storage system, with a maximum energy capacity of 4MWh. This marks the largest capacity flow battery operating in North America and Europe.

The Uni.System will be used by Avista Utilities for load shifting, frequency regulation, and conservation voltage regulation.

The solution will also support Avista’s end-user, manufacturer Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, with UPS (uninterruptible power supply), black start (resources that are the first to power up to re-energize the grid after a grid-wide outage), and 4-cycle ride-through (capability of electrical devices, especially wind generators, to be able to operate through periods of lower grid voltage).

The project is partly-funded by the US Government to demonstrate battery technologies in the electrical grid.

All-in-one solution

The Uni.System is flexible enough to deliver power and energy applications at the same time – not typical in traditional batteries, delivering an “all-in-one” grid-scale solution.

Heather Rosentrater, PE, Avista Director of Engineering and Grid Innovation, commented: “Avista selected UET’s Uni.System advanced vanadium battery because it aligns with our objectives to use highly flexible grid-scale energy storage to reduce costs, enhance reliability, integrate renewables into our electric grid, and explore how smart grid technology can benefit our customers.

“… we can use 100 percent of its state-of-charge [Uni.System battery], with unlimited cycles, and a 20 year life. We want the battery to be 100 percent flexible to operate at all times, providing as many simultaneous value streams as possible.”

UET’s CEO, Gary Yang, added: “UET and Avista have collaborated as close partners to install and operate the largest capacity flow battery in North America and Europe.”