US utility employs Tesla storage solution for grid reliability


Tesla will provide the utility company with home energy storage battery packs. Green Mountain Power will sell the storage systems to its customers on discount.

According to a local publication, the Vermont-based power company is aiming to boost its grid reliability by integrating power stored by its customers with the utility’s grid during peak periods.

[quote] The programme is part of the Green Mountain Power’s plans to take advantage of the decentralised electricity infrastructure in the north eastern US state. [US transmission operator eyes energy storage potential].

The customers will make use of the batteries to store energy sourced from their solar arrays during the day. Moreover, consumers can also use the batteries to avoid using electricity from the grid when prices are high, by storing power during off-peak demands and use the batteries as a stored energy sources when tariffs increase during peak periods.

Energy storage in the US

In June, grid solutions provider S&C Electric purchased a 7MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) for a energy storage project in the US state of Ohio.

Following the procurement of the BESS, the smart grid solutions firm entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with the local municipal utility in the village of Minster, in Auglaize County, Ohio.

The utility will be provided electricity generated from a 4.2MW solar PV plant and stored using the new storage system.

Partner to the project, renewable energy firm Half Moon Ventures (HMV), will operate the plant which uses LG Chem batteries. [PG&E signs agreement for 20MW flywheel energy storage system].

During the construction of the system, S&C Electric provided the Power Conversion System (PCS) and integrated the storage system with the electric grid.

The project aims to provide four different revenue streams for the utility through frequency regulation, transmission and distribution deferral, power quality improvements and peak demand shaving.

Commenting on the development, Mike Edmonds, president of US Business Unit at S&C Electric, said: “This project is a key example of how energy storage can generate tangible revenue streams while providing critical grid services.”


Image credit: Environmental watch