energyOrbit helps utilities reduce peak demand by 5.617GW


In the last 18 months, energyOrbit reports it has aided five of the 15 largest investor owned utilities in North America, as well as public utilities and cooperatives and third-party implementers in collectively reducing 5.617 GW of peak demand through its automated customer engagement and operational management cloud software platform, a 62% increase in the last 18 months. The automated customer engagement and operational management cloud software platform has also seen a 58% increase in the amount of total energy savings achieved on the platform in the past 18 months to a total of 13.245 TWh. Through the execution of energy efficiency programmes through the platform 6.8 million tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided since 2007.

“The  updated statistics on the effectiveness of [the] platform help to illustrate the invisible, yet critical, role energy efficiency plays in our nation’s energy mix. Considered a ‘fifth fuel,’ energy efficiency is a critical energy resource that goes beyond saving money for customers. It also helps organizations defer or totally avoid capital investments in new power plants, peakers, energy efficiency generate jobs, reduce greenhouse gases and contributes to energy independence from politically volatile regions” said Udi Merhav, CEO of energyOrbit.

“We feel honored that our customers, such as the State of Delaware, have chosen our cloud- solution to help them be successful in managing their energy efficiency and DSM operations, freeing up their teams to focus on expanding their programs to help even more customers save energy. We are very pleased with the genuine impact we are having in the cleantech sector and the incredible reception from our users.”

Efficiency and operational savings

The customer engagement solution is powered on the Salesforce platform to provide an integrated user experience that drives energy savings, streamlines energy audits and increases administrator productivity. The cloud-connected system goes beyond common spreadsheets and other “flat” solutions to capture and organise data and results from various energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes. This streamlined and automated process simplifies analysis, sharing, collaboration and consistency. energyOrbit also allows DSM programme implementers to manage and submit their program performance data through a simple to use, web-based interface.

The system is routinely upgraded with the latest in energy efficiency and DSM standards and best practices to keep users ahead of the curve in DSM programme management. The result is increased worker productivity in DSM operations, streamlined third-party reporting and vastly improved programme adoption.