Energy efficiency: EnergySavvy targets US small businesses

US SMEs energy efficiency EnergySavvy
US small and medium sized businesses use 20% of the country’s electricity but attract less than 4% of the utility energy efficiency spending, according to E Source

US utility cloud software company EnergySavvy has developed an energy efficiency solution to connect small to medium-sized businesses with utility customer programmes.

The company, with offices in Seattle and Boston, said it launched Optix Engage for Business in response to small and medium-sized US businesses not accessing tailored products and services.

In a statement, EnergySavvy suggests that these companies are often challenging for utilities to serve as they’re too numerous for dedicated account managers but equally not suited to mass-market communication.

Aaron Goldfeder, CEO of EnergySavvy, said: “We’ve figured out over the last five years how to make home energy audits work for everyday people. This is all about making it easy for small business owners.”

Engage for Business, which is integrated within the Optix Platform software, requires small business owners to complete an audit.

Using electricity consumption analysis, the solution then directs business customers to a personalised set of money-saving opportunities based on their company type and premise.

EnergySavvy and National Grid

EnergySavvy has deployed Engage for Business in the US field by supplying National Grid customers.

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, National Grid is supplementing its small business programmes with Engage for Business.

The energy supplier reports that about 60% of business customers who start the audit complete it, and 36% convert to utility program leads, said Ezra McCarthy, Lead Analyst, C&I EE Program Strategy at National Grid U.S.

“Working with EnergySavvy enables us to further enhance our outreach and engagement with New England’s small and midsize businesses.”

US utilities and small businesses

Statistics from US-based utility research company E.Source suggest that small and medium-size businesses account for more than 90% of US companies, consume about 20% of the nation’s energy, but attract less than 4% of utility energy efficiency spending nationwide.

And a recent Accenture study showed that while 9 out of 10 businesses want more tailored products and services from their utility, just 35% say they’re getting it.