Enersource paves the road for energy conservation


PowerConserv2Mississauga, Canada — (METERING.COM) — July 4, 2006 – Enersource Hydro Mississauga, one of the largest distributors of electricity in Ontario, is rolling out an electricity pricing pilot program.

Under the new program, based on Time of Use pricing, consumers will pay more to use power draining appliances during peak times when energy is in high demand but up to one third less for using the same appliances during off peak hours.

Some 100 participants in Mississauga have signed up to test the program, before it is rolled out throughout the province by the end of the decade.

Tom Wasik, an Enersource employee, told homeowners at an information session last week that it is not about not using electricity in peak hours, as families need to cook. However, there are certain things homeowners can hold off on using for a few hours to conserve energy.

“Kilowatts may not actually mean anything to you, but dollars count,” Wasik told the participants. The utility is trying to teach homeowners that the conservation of energy also holds financial reward.

As part of the initiative to instal smart meters in residences and businesses throughout Ontario, Enersource has fitted a test group of some 550 homes in Central Mississauga with the smart meters, which enable homeowners to monitor their electricity usage in real-time.

Bill Sinclair, one of the guinea pigs said: “This program assures consumers … will work with the utility to create a more economical distribution of energy. I like that!”