Engerati Week in Smart Energy

Engerati Week in Smart Energy-StorageEnergy storage is one of the top topics currently, with new projects and initiatives emerging almost daily across the world, says Jonathan Spencer-Jones, consulting editor at Engerati.

But look to California, which is probably the most advanced – and still rapidly advancing – market.

In a recent interview, Andy Tang of Greensmith told Engerati that the company believes energy storage is now competitive with other generation in the state, and particularly in areas such as the LA basin with stringent environmental restrictions, which up the unit generation cost. [“Energy Storage Is There”]

The latest development out of the state is the release of its energy storage roadmap, which will be fundamental for taking forward other initiatives, such as the 2020 storage procurement mandate. [California Seeks To Advance Energy Storage]

While this roadmap is specific to California, it is based on three broad challenges that will be fundamental to any jurisdiction – the ability to realize the revenue opportunities of storage, the need to reduce costs and the need for certainty in policy. Given that these are largely regulatory in nature, this roadmap should be compulsory reading for regulators to the issues that they need to be thinking about with regard to this technology.

A further issue that is will be of interest in many jurisdictions is the role of third party providers in the provision of energy storage, be it at grid scale or in the emergent prosumer market with residential storage and electric vehicles.

To date the ‘utility of the future’, in which these issues (among many others) are important is under investigation in just a handful of states in the US, and few if any jurisdictions elsewhere.

Given that technology development doesn’t stand still and some developments may occur much more rapidly than one expects – such as the ability to deploy solar PV [Spray-on Solar Panels May Accelerate Solar Adoption] – regulatory leadership is vital, and sooner rather than later.

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