Enhanced conservation displays available on company website


Valencia, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 28, 2008 – ConectiSys Corporation, a developer of automatic meter reading technologies and associated wireless products for the energy markets, has launched a major conservation oriented website enhancement for its core technology, H-NET™, an electric meter reading wireless network.

This new capability is a result of a significant revision to the Meter Data portion of the company’s existing website. This revision enables conservation minded customers to select the Meter Data tab, and to view electric consumption data on a real-time basis in the following formats:

  • Hourly usage throughout the day
  • Day to day comparisons throughout the month
  • Month to month comparisons throughout the year
  • Year to year comparisons over a three year period.

The most significant capability of this revision is that customers can now view a forecast of their current monthly bill. ConectiSys will incorporate the rate schedules for their electric energy provider in each customer data display. By selecting the ‘My Energy Costs’ button under the Meter Data tab, the customer will be able to view a projected cost of their current billing cycle, based upon the most recent usage trend.

Rod Lighthipe, ConectiSys Director of Business Development, said: “The company has provided the first internet-based data displays that will allow customers to monitor and plan electric energy usage and at the same time control their costs. This customer awareness will directly contribute to energy conservation and address the concerns about global climate change.”