Enhanced UtilityIQ advanced metering software speeds time-to-market for new smart grid devices


Josh Roper,
Senior Director
of Product Management,
Silver Spring Networks
Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 27, 2011 – The UtilityIQ 4.4 advanced metering software suite that supports a software developer’s kit (SDK) for integrating new meters has been unveiled by Silver Spring Networks.

The SDK speeds time-to-market for new meters and simplifies new meter adoption for utilities.

“This latest release of our flagship advanced metering solution takes our partner ecosystem to a whole new level by giving smart meter providers the ability to accelerate their development efforts,” said Josh Roper, senior director of product management at Silver Spring. “With this new SDK, our partners can work independently from us and our customers can plug-and-play an increasing diversity of devices.”
Silver Spring is aiming to accelerate support for smart grid devices around the globe. In Australia, water scarcity drives significant focus on water conservation and leak detection. UtilityIQ 4.4 now supports smart water meter modules from Freestyle Technology communicating over the wireless protocol ZigBee.

For the Brazilian market, the enhanced UtilityIQ 4.4 software suite supports meters from Silver Spring ecosystem partner Nansen. Supported meters include the Nansen Spectrum M, a single-phase meter, and the Spectrum K, a polyphase meter. The UtilityIQ advanced metering software also supports augmented tamper detection and alerting, critical to meeting the Brazilian market’s need to address non-technical losses.
The UtilityIQ 4.4 advanced metering software suite will be available next month.