Ensemble HEMS and energynote online service from GEO


Patrick Caiger-
Smith, CEO, GEO
Cambridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — September 13, 2012 – The Ensemble home energy management system and energynote online service, providing an easy way to manage home electricity consumption as well as control home appliances, are being launched by Green Energy Options.

Wherever the user is, the Ensemble allows them to monitor and switch on or off individual appliances using GEO’s smart plugs, which can be controlled from the Ensemble display or from a PC, tablet or smartphone using energynote.

The Ensemble home energy management system displays energy consumption in real time and against a home energy budget. Up to six home appliances may be monitored and controlled, and a historic view of energy consumption is available, helping the user to create an energy efficient home.

Features include a graphical ‘speedometer’ and ‘fuel gauge’, which show the consumption currently and against the home’s energy budget, and a ‘milometer’, which shows the consumption today, yesterday, or over the last 7 or 30 days. Consumption information is shown in terms of cost, kWh, or CO2 produced.

Two types of GEO smart plugs are available: an ‘active’ version that can be monitored and controlled and a ‘passive’ version that can only be monitored – suitable for appliances that shouldn’t be turned off such as fridges or freezers.

Readings from the electricity meter are transmitted wirelessly to the Ensemble system using a sensor transmitter and ‘CT clips’ that can be quickly and easily installed by the home owner. The internet bridge connects the display and smart plugs to energynote via the home broadband router. This enables electricity consumption in the home and by appliances connected to a GEO smart plug to be monitored and controlled remotely from internet-connected devices including PCs, tablets, iPads and smartphones.

“This is a really exciting development, as the Ensemble provides households with the next level of managing their in-home energy consumption,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith, GEO’s chief executive officer. “These web services are being introduced progressively so that home owners can learn how to achieve an energy efficient home without being overwhelmed by technology from the outset.”