Entergy selects Omnetric for meter data management


In a press statement, Entergy Corporations said it will use smart grid solutions and services to be deployed by OMNETRIC to enhance management of its energy distribution and retail systems.

OMNETRIC Group is a consortium of energy consulting firms including, Accenture, and smart grid solutions provider, Siemens.

The consortium will provide Entergy with an advanced metering infrastructure solution to improve the utility’s billing system.

The consortium firm will design, test and implement Siemens’ Meter Data Management (MDM) within the utility’s energy system.

The MDM solution is expected to provide Entergy with two-way communication with its customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas.

The project will improve Entergy Corporation customer services to its 2.9 million electric and 200,000 gas consumers in the utility’s five service territories.

OMNETRIC claims that its solution will enhance the utility’s management of smart meter data resulting in the development of new energy management programmes to help customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

The MDM solution will help the energy provider to ensure it achieves a reliable grid network through the provision of real-time data on events occurring within the grid network.

The smart grid project is being deployed through to April 2019 and falls under efforts by Entergy to modernise its grid system. [Con Ed selects OMNETRIC for rollout of MDM technology].

James Mitchell, managing director at Accenture, said:  “Growing demands on utilities’ grid infrastructure is driving the need for advanced metering infrastructure to help people across the organisation to better do their jobs.”

Entergy smart meters rollout

In the last quarter of 2016, Entergy signed a $250m deal with energy management solutions provider Honeywell for the provision of some 2.3 million smart meters for installation in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

In a press release, Honeywell said the deal falls under efforts by Entergy to help its utility companies to improve their customer services and revenue collections.

The smart meters are expected to help Entergy companies to reduce power outages within their grid networks.

In addition, the advanced meters will help ensure the utility firms reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating manual meter readings done using motor vehicles.

The installation of the smart meters is expected to begin in 2019 through to 2021.

In total, the energy provider said it is in need of 2.9 million advanced meters.