Smart meter semiconductor market research

Singapore meter manufacturer BBS Group and US semiconductor company EnVerv have teamed up to work on a range of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) products.

The Metator Smart Meter family covers applications for residential, commercial and industrial AMI metering in which EnVerv’s EV8010 Power-Line Communications (PLC) modem will be employed as the communication platform.

Behrouz Gholamrezaey, chairman and CEO at the BBS Group, said: “We selected EnVerv as our AMI technology solution due to the superior performance of EnVerv’s modems under challenging network conditions and the fact that EnVerv offered the highest density and the lowest bill of material for its external circuitry.

“Integrating EnVerv’s multi-protocol modems allow us to service PRIME based markets of Middle East and G3-PLC based markets of South Asia with the same communications hardware.”

Eastern European deal

The deal follows an EnVerv tie-up in June 2014 with Slovenian electricity meter manufacturer Iskraemeco to make a multi-standard smart meter for residential, commercial and industrial users.

The meters will be fitted with EnVerv’s EV8000 power-line communications (PLC) modem system-on-chip (SoC), which serves as a multi-protocol, multi-band communications engine supporting legacy G1 S-FSK and the new OFDM-based G3-PLC standards.

Markus Guebeli, chief technology officer at Iskraemeco, said: “EnVerv’s ability to service multiple protocols in their modem enables us to offer our existing G1 customers with advanced metering infrastructure meters the latest version of the G3-PLC standard, thus future-proofing meter installations and eliminating the need for future truck rolls and consumer disruptions which significantly reduce our customers’ capital and operational expenses.”

The EV8000 is a single-chip PLC SoC that includes modem functionality from the power line to the network layer and has programmable frequency bands, covering CENELEC-A, FCC and ARIB bands without the need for chip or module hardware changes.

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