EoS Energy Storage system installed at PSE&G New Jersey microgrid


The utility partnered with solar energy company Advanced Solar Products for the design, supply and installation of 896KW-DC solar system. EOS energy storage provided 250KW/1MWh of energy storage batteries which were integrated with the solar PV system, diesel generator and technology developed by Siemens to enable real time operation and management of the microgrid.

According to a statement issued by Eos Energy Storage, the energy storage system installed and commissioned by PSE&G at the wastewater plant will allow excess energy generated by the solar system during times when the grid is stable to be stored for back-up purposes in the event of prolonged outages on the main grid.

The development of the microgrid is part of the utility’s Solar 4 All initiative, in which a total of 3MW solar generating microgrids will be constructed and integrated with PSE&G’s main grid.

Under the Solar 4 All programme, PSE&G aims to demonstrate how solar systems can be integrated with innovative technologies to reduce the impact of connecting large portfolios of distributed energy resources to the main grid.

“One of the goals of our Solar 4 All programme is to help support the growth and development of solar and related industries in New Jersey,” said Todd Hranicka, director – solar energy at PSE&G. “So we were especially happy to include the battery technology from a fellow New Jersey company like Eos into a project that helps make our electric system and a piece of critical infrastructure more reliable and resilient.”

“Increasingly, we are deploying batteries as an add-on to solar not only because they provide critical power reliability when needed but also because they can generate revenues when the grid is up and running,” said Lyle Rawlings, CEO at Advanced Solar Products.

“This project is a leading example of the role technology can and should play in making our regions more resilient,” said Dan Wishnick, principal business developer, Siemens Medium Voltage Systems.

“The Caldwell project is truly a landmark for us,” said Michael Oster, CEO at Eos. “It shows that municipalities and utilities are embracing large-scale, long-duration energy storage in a manner that will greatly enhance public safety and grid resiliency. We are proud to partner with these industry leaders and look forward to setting new standards for energy reliability and cost effectiveness.”


Image Credit: 123rf.