ESCO acquires smart grid solution provider Xtensible


Vic Richey,
Chairman & CEO,
St Louis, MI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 14, 2010 – ESCO Technologies Inc. has acquired the Greenwood Village, Colorado-based smart grid solution provider Xtensible Solutions, Inc.

Xtensible is a thought leader in enterprise information management strategy, and is a leading provider of semantic-based information management and integration solutions to the utility industry worldwide. Such strategy and solutions are critical for utilities to build sustainable and interoperable smart grid implementations.

Xtensible will be included as part of ESCO’s Utility Solutions Group and will be closely aligned with Aclara Software in providing best-in-class software services and products. Xtensible is expected to leverage Aclara’s operational infrastructure as it continues its rapid growth, thereby positioning the company to efficiently expand its service offerings.

“This acquisition not only enhances our portfolio of utility-based services, products and solutions, but it also allows us to broaden our industry specific expertise, particularly in the area of standards compliance, so that we may better serve our customers,” commented Vic Richey, ESCO chairman and chief executive officer.”

“Becoming a part of ESCO certainly creates an exciting growth opportunity for Xtensible, as we see many opportunities for the companies to work together in serving our common customer base,” added Greg Robinson, president of Xtensible. “Additionally, I’m pleased to see that ESCO shares our core values, including a strong focus on customers and employees.”

ESCO is a supplier of special purpose utility solutions for electric, gas and water utilities, including hardware and software to support advanced metering applications and fully automated intelligent instrumentation.