Europe and North America a “˜laboratory’ for energy policies


Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 15, 2006 – Illinois Vice President of energy company Constellation NewEnergy, Philip O’Connor, told delegates at a conference on energy held in France recently that North America and Europe have stumbled onto a ‘grand experiment’ in identifying how the energy industry should be structured.

He said that the federal system operating on both continents since the formation of the EU has created a laboratory to observe the impact of various energy policies. The benefits of being able to study and compare the performance of both regulated and deregulated energy markets are great.

O’Connor suggests that policymakers should identify how effectively each model addresses such issues as operating efficiency, reducing emissions, low-income customer connectivity and customer satisfaction. The industry model that more quickly adopts advanced information technologies will win the race, says O’Connor.