Oregon utility installs one millionth Stratus meter

In the US state of Oregon, the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) is modernising its water and electric metering systems by installing an advanced metering infrastructure developed by Sensus.

EWEB has replaced 3,000 of its 93,000 traditional electric meters with the Stratus electricity meters. EWEB has installed the one millionth Stratus meter manufactured and sold by Sensus.

“Safety and the ability to provide better, faster and more affordable customer service are our biggest priorities when it comes to our technology investments,” said Chris Jones, Advanced Metering Project Manager, EWEB.

“Meter reading is working fantastically, with well over 99% read success.”

EWEB is deploying an AMI to improve billing accuracy, reliability of grid network through real-time visualisation and management of grid assets and to reduce energy theft.

The Stratus electric meters are UL certified and comprise sensors for hot-socket detection and overvoltage protection. In the event, the meter detects safety-related issues, it has the ability to remotely shut off to avoid electricity related fire and meter tampering.

The Stratus meter supports applications such as outage management, opt in/opt out and conservation voltage reduction.

“We’re a college town, so the remote connect/disconnect and opt-in/opt-out features can save us critical time and resources with all the students coming and going,” said Jones. “And the hot-socket detection is an essential safety feature, something that simply hasn’t been available in electric meters before.”