Expanding into the Peruvian market


Dallas, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 26, 2007 –NewMarket Latin America, Inc. intends to expand into the Peruvian market, making use of services from the company’s subsidiary UniOne and with municipal broadband Wi-Fi services from the company’s parent, NewMarket Technology, Inc. UniOne is a systems integration firm in Latin America representing technologies from leaders such as Microsoft, SSA Global, Oracle and Hyperion. UniOne is the biggest Hyperion partner in Latin America; Hyperion was recently acquired by Oracle.

The company has confirmed that it is already bidding for a contract with one company in Peru and – depending on further success – would consider opening an office in the country. NewMarket Latin America will also visit Peru for meetings on municipal broadband wireless in the country. The company is already actively pursuing municipal Wi-Fi projects in other regions of Latin America with their parent company’s subsidiary, Texas-based RedMoon Broadband.

RedMoon Broadband offers municipal Wi-Fi technology, and has designed, engineered and deployed wireless mesh network solutions providing high-speed Internet service, security surveillance, automatic water meter reading and mobile broadband for municipalities. The company, together with Chevron Energy Solutions, a business unit of Chevron Corporation, delivers service through the SkyPilot mesh network to the 10 square mile City of Burleson, Texas, supplying an automatic water metering system to more efficiently track consumption, curb water loss and increase revenues. AMR technology will enable Burleson to reduce meter-reading costs, improve the accuracy of readings, support water conservation efforts and raise the level of customer service.