Fast Ethernet multi-media offload controller now available


Irvine, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 11, 2008 – Teridian Semiconductor Corp. has announced general sampling of its 78Q8430 10/100 Fast Ethernet multi-media offload controller for video streaming and mixed media (data, voice and video over IP) applications. The 78Q8430 targets Ethernet applications requiring reliable connectivity and quality of service levels such as industrial networking, set top box, digital television, and other consumer broadband or audio/video equipment.

“The 78Q8430 enables designers to use more of their host processor MIPS for important system level functionality such as image/audio processing, format conversion, and encoding/decoding tasks by offloading many of the communications processing tasks to the controller,” said Tom Kapucija, director of Network marketing for Teridian Semiconductor.

The Teridian 78Q8430 is a 10/100BASE-TX controller that seamlessly interfaces to non-PCI processors through a simplified pseudo SRAM-like Host Bus Interface supporting 32/16/8 bit data bus widths. It provides support for IEEE802.3x flow control and compliance with IEEE802.3 and 802.3u standards and employs a unique management scheme for the integrated 32kB SRAM FIFO memory to adaptively allocate memory depending on the data stream load and direction, all without host or software driver intervention for reduced host MIPS requirements and lower packet latency.  

In addition, the flexible packet classification engine supports up to 128 user configurable rules and by default comes configured with 8 unicast (or perfect) IP address filtering ability. It can also be configured for wildcard address filtering, positive/negative filtering, promiscuous mode operation, and multicast and broadcast mode operation. Other offload functionality includes 64kB JUMBO packet support, IP Checksum calculation, check/generate/strip/append CRCs, four levels of transmit priority queuing, and the ability to drop frames based on source IP address.

“Teridian’s IC solution offers many advanced functions for 10/100 Fast Ethernet applications that are more often found on GbE systems which will help to optimize host processor utilization in many consumer electronics units now migrating to include IP connectivity,” said Michael Inouye, research analyst at In-Stat.

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