US utility commissions OATI’s grid load management tech


Under the agreement, OATI will help the Fayetteville Public Works Department (PWC) to monitor voltage data, perform peak shaving and reduce demand charges.

The US headquartered solutions provider (OATI) will combine its webDistribute CVR and GridControl solutions for deployment in PWC’s system comprising of 87,000 electricity consumers in the Fayetteville and Cumberland counties area of North Carolina.

OATI said the integration of the solutions will allow the utility to perform Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) through centralised control of devices and switch capacitors in accordance to voltage levels and grid conditions.

Sasan Mokhtari, CEO of OATI commented: “Through webDistribute CVR and GridControl, PWC will have an innovative and integrated hardware and software solution that utilizes rigid cyber security measures.”

Grid load management

The CEO stressed that the solution will enable the utility to adhere to American National Standard Institute’s (ANSI) voltage limits.

In late-February, OATI also announced that it wants to improve the Western Interconnection’s grid load management.

[quote] The company said that it successfully deployed its new technology into the grid to achieve its aim.

In a press statement, OATI claimed that the deployed load management platform ‘webintegrity’ will provide reliability coordinators, balancing authorities and transmission operators in the Western Interconnection, with advanced flow visualization into the electric grid.

Data acquisition

The development will result in increased reliability and situational awareness throughout the entire Western Interconnection through the provision of advanced near real time grid information and calculations to determine and quantify the cause of contingency congestion.

The system replaced OATI’s webSas solution.

Furthermore, OATI said the users can utilise the technology to initiate congestion management actions including system re-dispatch and curtailments to get rid of pre and post contingency flows in the interfaces of the interconnection.

Sasan Mokhtari, CEO of OATI said: “We are eager to release yet another powerful solution that addresses the challenges of the industry while contributing lasting solutions and benefits.”

The Western Interconnection is an AC power grid connecting utilities in North America.

The system stretches from western Canada south to Baja California in Mexico, through to the Rockies and Great Plains mountains in the US/Canada.