First Energy utilities expand energy efficiency programmes

First Energy's Mon Power and Potomac Edison expanded their energy efficiency programmes to residential consumers in the US.

In a press statement, First Energy, owner of the two utility companies, announced that the two energy providers will help their residential customers to reduce their energy usage and bills by participating in the programmes.

Previously, the two utilities deployed the energy efficiency programmes to business consumers and a few qualifying low-income customers.

Under the energy efficiency programme, customers of the two utilities in West Virginia will be provided with energy efficient kits comprising items such as energy efficient light bulbs, faucet aerators and furnace whistles.

The kit will contain information about energy efficiency.

Mon Power and Potomac Edison will also provide online and telephonic energy audits to help their 525,000 customers to practice energy-efficient behaviours.

The two subsidiaries of First Energy will provide rebates and incentives for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency home appliances, highlights the press statement.

In addition to the Residential Energy Efficiency Programme, Mon Power and Potomac Edison will continue to offer a low-income programme, providing home energy check-up audits and energy-saving home improvements to qualified customers.

Energy efficiency plans

In April last year, First Energy’s Ohio utilities submitted energy efficiency plans to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to help customers save energy and reduce bills.

In a press statement, First Energy said the approval of the programmes will allow their implementation by Ohio Edison, Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison as from January 2017 through to the last quarter of 2019.

The plans include a target to reduce electric consumption by 800,000MWh annually.

In putting the proposals together, First Energy’s 10 member utilities have engaged in various consultation with stakeholders in the energy efficiency industry and consumer advocates.

Charles E. Jones, FirstEnergy president commented: “Our proposal supports FirstEnergy’s transition to a cleaner energy future.” [First Energy receives PUC approval for electricity grid upgrade]

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