FlexNet AMI SmartPoint shipments top 2 million


Sensus meters support
demand response by
sending tou messages
to in-home devices
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 24, 2008 – Uprecedented demand for energy conservation technology has resulted in shipment of over two million FlexNet endpoints (SmartPoints) in less than two years, officials at Sensus have announced. These shipments include 650,000 iCon smart meters that support demand response by sending time-of-use messages to in-home devices.

This record growth is expected to continue, according to Bill Yeates, executive vice president of conservation solutions at Sensus, who said that in September and October alone, Sensus shipped 340,000 water, gas and electric AMI devices and demand response endpoints.

With this most recent surge in business, Sensus now has 8.8 million water, gas and electric AMI endpoints under contract. These contracts include more than 100 FlexNet installations throughout North America with 1.4 million units already in operation, collecting hourly data and supplying reliable data to utility billing systems.

“We are preparing our customers for the future with SmartPoints and secure communications open to the technologies of today and tomorrow,” says Yeates. “We are helping utilities to improve consumer experience, to reduce their carbon footprint and to conserve capital investment and protect that investment into the future.”