Florida city embarks on $2.4m smart meter rollout


[quote] The city has completed the installation of 900 smart meters thus far which will be used to enable remote meter reading and do away with the need to for technicians to go out to residents to do manual meter readings. [Illinois utility to install smart meters for gas and electric customers]

Danielle Spears, a spokesperson for the St. Johns River Water Management District, said: “The smart meters pair with technology that provides real-time water usage reports, alerting users to leaks, high water use and irrigation issues.”

The St. Johns River Water Management District (“SJRWMD”) is one of five Florida water management districts that responsible for managing groundwater and surface water resources in Florida. SJRWMD covers an 18-county region in northeast and east-central Florida.

Apart from the meter replacements, the city will deploy a online system, a web portal, that will allow for increased interaction and engagement between the consumer and the municipality.

Residents will be able to track their water use and monitor how it factors into their monthly water bills. The online portal will also enable customers to set up account thresholds, a tool that will help them not to exceed a certain dollar amount on their bills per month.

Miranda Justice, the water conservation coordinator for the Ocoee’s Utilities Department, said: “We’re actually able to go into the meters and look at the customer’s usage in almost real-time, with about a four-hour delay for processing. We can look hour-by-hour of what they’re using, so if somebody has a leak, it’s going to show that they have continuous flow going through their meter.”

Water efficiency through smart metering

Before the rollout of smart meters, customers would receive unusually high bills as a result of a leak, but with the customer portals and smart meters, leaks can be detected almost immediately. [European utilities combine smart meters order]

The project is expected to cost $2.4 million and will be complete in five months.