Florida Power & Light completes smart meter installation


Eric Silagy,
President, FPL
Juno Beach, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 26, 2013 – Florida Power & Light Company has announced the successful completion of its 4.5 million smart meter deployment in its 35-county service area as well as its Department of Energy-supported grid modernization projects.

“This is one of the most ambitious projects that has ever been undertaken in the country and definitely one of the most ambitious projects that FPL has undertaken,” said FPL president Eric Silagy. “Completing the installation of the 4.5 million smart meters and the deployment of smart grid technology throughout our service territory is making it possible for us to improve our service reliability, prevent outages and detect problems, while giving customers more control over the energy they use.”

FPL was awarded $200 million in recovery funding from the DOE in 2009 and has supplemented this with a further $600 million investment towards the Energy Smart Florida initiative.

FPL selected GE’s smart metering solution. GE has also undertaken 145 substation upgrades.

According to an FPL statement the company’s investments in a more efficient electric grid are providing customers with tangible benefits today while laying the foundation for a host of future benefits and operational efficiencies such as:

  • Real time information on the health and performance of the electric grid
  • Ability to identify outages and diagnose their causes for rapid restoration
  • Verification that power was restored
  • Early warning of power issues to enable rerouting electricity around trouble spots, thus confining outages to smaller areas
  • Remote communications with FPL through advanced technology
  • Greater information for FPL customers about their energy use so they can make smart decisions about conserving electricity.

The completion of the AMI rollout has occurred nine months ahead of schedule.
FPL is the largest rate regulated electric utility in Florida and serves the third largest number of customers of any electric utility in the U.S.