Flow meter low power high measurement

MAXREFDES70Low power ultrasonic flow meterUS ultrasonic flow meter manufacturer Maxim Integrated has launched a unit which the company claims can run for 20 years off a single battery.

The MAXREFDES70 for water and heat-metering accuracy runs off an A-size battery with 4Ahr capacity.

The company also claims it requires “virtually no maintenace” as a lack of moving parts means the flow meter is resistant to contaminants and subject to less maintenance.

Flow measurement

The new meter is fitted with a time-to-digital converter with analog front-end that allows flow measurement at low rates, down to 0.5 litres of water per minute, with early edge detect.

Commenting on the new product, Don Folkes, executive business manager at Maxim Integrated, said: “Maxim is bringing the benefits of solid-state technology to flow measurement.

“To make sure the world can take advantage of this technology, we are giving our customers a solid reference design in a complete hardware, firmware, and documentation package. Now they can get a smart, more precise, ultrasonic flow meter to the market quickly.”