Focus on benefits, not technology, will lead to wider smart grid adoption and understanding


Mark Walker, VP
North America,
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 5, 2011 – It is a simple tenet of selling anything that benefits, not features, are what persuade people to part with their cash or give up their time; more freedom, less money, greater convenience – these are all benefits that, if proven – encourage widespread consumer adoption.

That is why the Smart Energy International conference is focused on what the smart grid can do for customers, communities and the utilities that serve them. It is encouraging key grid stakeholders to take a practical look at the solutions of the future, but with a consistent angle on how it will positively impact lives.

From integrating renewables into the grid via storage solutions so that greener, cleaner energy can be supplied to environmentally conscious customers, to the enhanced flexibility and control families will have over their energy bills using simple, convenient energy management systems, the topics of discussion focus on end results that makes smart grid technology able to transform the environment, lower bills and enhance reliability of delivery.

Utilities and leading smart grid stakeholders are invited to see how they can enhance their success through delivering on their technological prowess, but also their ability to translate it into simple, communicable benefits to their customers – whether they are home owners or utility employees, green crusaders or large commercial enterprises.

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