Fort Collins Utilities selects smart grid implementation partner


Denver, CO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 13, 2010 – The City of Fort Collins Utilities has selected consulting and systems integration services provider Enspiria Solutions to provide technical consultation, program management and systems integration for the acquisition and deployment of its smart grid solution, the company has announced.

The City of Fort Collins Utilities was recently awarded a Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the deployment of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system and other smart grid technologies.

Over the course of the next three years, the Utility department will deploy flexible and robust technologies that will serve as a foundation to enable benefits well into the future. The City as a whole is passionate about creating a vibrant, world-class community and this smart grid project is a vital part of that vision.

“We are thrilled to be part of the City of Fort Collins Utilities team on this important project,” said Jim Ketchledge, Enspiria’s general manager of projects. “Fort Collins has a passion for outstanding customer service that we share, and we are excited about bringing smart grid benefits to fellow citizens of Colorado. This project will reduce demand, enhance customer service capabilities, improve reliability and harden the infrastructure to protect it from cyber attacks.”

Fort Collins Utilities provides electric, water, stormwater and wastewater services to residents and businesses in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado.