FP&L smart grid project wins ISGAN award


ISGAN is an organisation that brings together governments and their stakeholders to accelerate the development and deployment of smarter electricity grids through knowledge sharing, tool development and project coordination.

Commenting on the benefits of the project, Eric Silagy, CEO of FPL, said: “Leveraging advanced solutions such as the Automated Fault Mapping Prediction System, gives us unprecedented visibility across the grid so we can more quickly detect and prevent many issues before they become problems for our customers.”

[quote] In deploying the smart grid project, FP&L focused on using grid data to intelligently monitor its network in real time. The project is claimed to have reduced power outages and improved the utility’s service delivery by 25% over the last five years.

FPL said the technology deployed in the project has also helped in reducing operational costs and system reliability to place the utility’s grid management nearly 50% above the national average.

Manny Miranda, senior vice president of Power Delivery for FP&L, added: “We have made remarkable strides in our ability to monitor and manage the energy grid today compared to just a few years ago, helping us deliver greater reliability in good weather and bad.”

The ISGAN Award of Excellence is given to global smart grid projects which would have highlighted the use of innovation to enhance grid management, reliability improvements and the project’s economic rationale. [CenterPoint Energy recognised with ISGAN smart grid award].

Smart grid project recognition

Earlier on, in mid June, FP&L announced that it is the recipient of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for the development of its predictive smart grid tool.

Using the technology, the utility leverages smart grid data retrieved from 4.8 million smart meters and uses a proactive notification process to help predict and in some cases prevent power outages. [Florida Power & Light awarded for smart grid tool].


Image credit: floridapolitics.com.