Free electricity monitors help customers cut consumption


Danny Tuff,
Blue Line Innovations
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — July 17, 2007 – Canadian utility Hydro One is giving 30,000 of its customers a free electricity monitor that helps them save on their energy bills – and feedback from users is positive. The meters have been offered on a first come, first served basis.

The PowerCost Monitors™, developed by Blue Line Innovations, a firm providing conservation and demand-side management solutions to the energy sector, are simple to install. The homeowner attaches the sensor unit to the hydro meter on the outside of the home and it reads the meter. It then sends a signal to a small companion display unit, which can be situated on the kitchen counter or in any other room in the house. The display unit shows the homeowner how much money is being spent on electricity from moment to moment. There are no wires used to connect the sensor unit to the display unit in the home.

Danny Tuff, CEO of Blue Line Innovations, said: "The demand for the monitors has been very positive. I think northern Ontario customers are enthusiastic about a device that can help them to monitor their electricity consumption and conserve. We all like to save money and the PowerCost Monitor enables that. We want to get the message out to our friends in northern Ontario, that if you don’t already have a monitor, there is still time to obtain one."

Northern Ontario Hydro One customers are the first in the province to be offered the free monitors. A study conducted by Hydro One found that 92% of customers who had ordered their free PowerCost Monitor would recommend it to a friend, and that 91% found the product easy to install.

Research results from an earlier year-long Hydro One demonstration project with 500 Ontario homeowners showed that real time electricity monitors can help homeowners reduce their consumption of electricity by up to 15%.