Free Home Energy Monitors For 1,000 Low-Income Customers


Bill Clayton, Reliant
Energy Vice President,
Customer Care
June 3, 2011 – Energy monitors are being provided by Reliant in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth to customers who call or request a device online.

Reliant leads Texas in bringing the benefits of smart energy technology to consumers with more than 250,000 Reliant customers already using Reliant e-Sense™ smart energy solutions.
The home energy monitor is one of several Reliant e-Sense™ products and services that give customers detailed information about how they use electricity at home, timely insights about their power use and cost, and the ability to take action to change how they buy and use power.

“Reliant is bringing the benefits of smart energy to all of our customers by offering solutions, products and services that turn smart meter data into useful consumer information,” said Bill Clayton, Reliant Energy Vice President, Customer Care. “These monitors provide near real-time information about energy use that customers did not have before – essentially they will know how much power they have used and about how much it costs before their bill hits the mailbox. With that really useful information, our customers can better understand their electricity use and can make more informed decisions that suit their lifestyle, especially when on a fixed income or budget.”

The home energy monitor is a wireless in-home display that communicates near real-time information, including current electricity usage and cost, comparison of daily usage and weekly usage data, providing customers with daily, weekly and monthly totals of amount and cost of their power use.

Other smart energy solutions include the e-Sense™ Weekly Summary email which provides usage information from the previous two weeks, an estimate of total charges for the billing period and energy efficiency tips; and the e-Sense™ Time-of-Use plan which helps customers save money by shifting high-usage activities – like doing laundry or running the dishwasher – to a time of day when the plan offers lower-priced electricity.

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