Gainesville meter replacement project shows benefits


By Elize van Staden

GainesvilleCity of Gainesville, Georgia —(METERING.COM)— July 18, 2006 – Improved water quality and water conservation are some of the benefits accruing to residents of the City of Gainesville as a result of its water meter replacement project.

Speaking to Kevin Purcell of the City’s Construction Services Division gave an update of the 20-year project, which is aimed at replacing the manual read-type meters with new Touch Read meter bases and hardware as well as replacing the galvanised service lines from the meter to the water main with copper lines.

Now in its third year, the project is currently replacing approximately 1,300 meters per year, with the replacement contract awarded to an independent contractor on an annual basis. However the intention is to speed up the replacement rate to reduce the project duration to 15 years or less, Purcell explains.

The City has some 45,000 active accounts, of which about 25,000 have manual read meters.

“For the customer the programme means better quality and flow of water, with a cleaner, uncorroded service, and with today’s focus on water conservation we are more easily able to account for every drop of water used,” said Purcell.

“The upgrading of our meter system will enable us to more accurately account and bill for water usage by customers. As a result we will also be able more accurately account for water usage throughout the overall water system and eventually assist the City’s Public Utility System with arriving at a more accurate assessment of the system’s unaccounted for water.”