Galaxy 900 point-to-point digital wireless system for long distance backhaul applications introduced


Oxnard, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 19, 2009 – Wireless products, services and solutions provider CalAmp Corp. has introduced its new Galaxy 900™ point-to-point digital access radio system, which provides wireless transmission of voice and broadband data traffic over long distances for backhaul applications in the utility and other markets.

The Galaxy 900 radio system operates in the licensed 900 MHz (928–960 MHz) frequency band in North America, enabling the extension of services further than current analog or higher frequency digital alternatives. The licensed 900 MHz spectrum offers inherent advantages for network connectivity to remote or rural locations. This enables RF signals to be transmitted over significantly greater distances, requiring less infrastructure than higher frequency solutions.  It offers robust, spectrum efficient transmission over distances of 30 miles or more in a single link, in difficult terrain and other areas where wired infrastructure may not be available. These advantages result in a lower upfront investment and reduced recurring operating expenses. Typical applications include backhaul for private mobile radio, Ethernet extension and remote monitoring and control applications for utility networks such as distribution and substation automation or video monitoring.

“The new Galaxy 900 is a great addition to CalAmp’s portfolio of proven wireless connectivity solutions,” commented Rick Nozel, senior vice president of sales and marketing for CalAmp’s wireless networks business. “With the Galaxy 900, CalAmp now provides an industrial grade and secure broadband wireless backhaul connectivity product.”