Gas ERT module for AMR solutions launched


Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 23, 2007 — Itron Inc. has announced the commercial availability of its next generation 100G ERT module for use with Mobile Collector and Fixed Network data collection systems. The 100G module forms part of Itron’s portfolio of radio-frequency-based meter data collection for gas automated meter reading, offering more efficient mobile reads and reduced infrastructure costs for fixed network deployments.

The 100G builds upon the field-proven design of the 40-series gas ERT module, to deliver an industry leading 99.999 per cent read accuracy rate. A more powerful module, the 100G offers up to 250 milliwatts of output power, operates in a bubble-up mode and does not require an FCC license. Other customer benefits include:

  • Easy deployment alongside legacy ERT modules.
  • Compatible with updated Itron 900 MHz handheld, mobile and fixed network solutions for additional flexibility.
  • A 20-year battery life regardless of data collection solution to ensure low cost of ownership.
  • Updated housing optimizes antenna performance and maximizes RF signal.

In a time when utilities continually search for innovative ways to drive out costs, the 100G provides a sensible pathway from handhelds to mobile to fixed networks.

“Utilities are faced with ever-changing business drivers that demand flexibility, efficiency and cost affordability,” said Carl Porter, product line director for Itron’s gas solutions. “The 100G is the most advanced radio-based meter module in the industry today. It can be deployed with medium power for mobile and handhelds, then reprogrammed to high-powered fixed network mode should the utility choose to migrate to an advanced data collection solution.”